Patient Information

Surgery Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-12pm


Fees are determined by the principal of the practice. The costs of running a high quality family medical practice continue to escalate and the doctors at the clinic are guided by the AMA when setting fees. These fees reflect the cost of provision of services.


Please help us to manage our time and yours by booking your regular appointments for Reviews and Prescriptions ahead of time, at least 2 weeks prior to running out of prescriptions. This allows for those who require urgent medical attention to been seen on the day. If for some reason you cannot attend your appointment, please let the surgery know as early as possible.

Despite our best intentions, we sometimes run late! This happens when someone has needed unexpected urgent attention. Be assured when it comes to your turn, the doctor will give your problem the time it deserves. Thank you for your consideration.

Home Visits

Home visits are available for registered patients living within the Croydon area whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery. Where possible we ask you to contact our reception early in the day to help with our scheduling.

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